Strategic Litigation in Constitutional Issues

We were involved in litigation in the court of law, through public interest litigation (PIL). Our work comprised of draft the petition, representing at case before the bench, engaging in full research and preparing court submission in the form of amicus brief. We have been able to use strategic litigation to make positive changes in human rights arena.

Some of the landmark cases represented/argued by the team members of our organization which have yielded significant results.

  1. Bhakti Shah V. the Government of Nepal, (2064) where the SC has stricken down some of the provisions of the Nepal Army Act and Regulation and issued a mandamus to streamline the military justice system in line with the independent of the judiciary as envisaged by the constitution of Nepal.
  2. Sunil Babu Panta V. Government of Nepal (2065) where the SC issued mandamus order to the government not to discriminate the LGBTI Community in public and private sphere and provide them identity documents including the marriage rights.
  3. Rajendra Dhakal V. the Government of Nepal, (2063) where the SC issued a mandamus to formed the Disappearance Commission to investigate on the enforced disappeared persons during the conflict time and take necessary legal action to punish if they found involved in disappearing any person.
  4. Raghav Lal Joshi V. the Government of Nepal (2066) where the SC has issued a mandamus to the government of Nepal provide driving license to the deaf person by amending the Transportation Act.
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