Our Practice Areas

Litigation and Research

As a team of Lawyers, we are dedicated in quality, legal representation and research. We firmly believe quality research in legal sector is essential foundation for significant change in legal and policy reform sector.

Law and Policy Reform

We aim at legal and policy reform through strategic litigation to address contemporary human right concerns. We implement projects with long term objective of enhancing and reforming legal system in-line with normative international standard.

Human Rights

One of the primary focus area of our organization is to defend human rights in question. We focus and rely on strategic litigation to protect, promote and fulfill human rights standards.

Our Activities

Ongoing Projects
Human Rights Training and Research
Ongoing Projects
Human Rights Litigation
Ongoing Projects
Litigation to Ensure Economic, Social and Cultural...
Ongoing Projects
Using Strategic Litigation to Ensure Rights of Mig...

We are committed towards legal and policy reform through our work.


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